TEACHING DEMO: Language Methods Workshop

TEACHING (Rider University):

FRE 100 and 101: Beginning French I and II

FRE 200 and 201: Intermediate French III and IV

FRE 301: French for Business and the Professions

FRE 305: Introduction to French Literature

FRE 422: French Culture through Film

FRE 425: The Hero in French Fiction

FRE 435: The Self in French Prose and Poetry

FRE 496: Special Topics Course: The Supernatural and Horror in French Film and Fiction

FRE 490: French Senior Honors Theses and Baccalaureate Honors Program, including:

  • Maternal Metaphor in Kamel Daoud’s Meursault: Contre-enquête.
  • Forms of Resistance in French and German Literature, Film and Memoir of the Twentieth Century
  • Francophone Algerian Women and the Problem of Identity: The Case of Assia Djebar
  • La Précarité du palimpseste dans la littérature urbaine française: Le Cas d’Abd Al Malik (The Precarious Palimpsest in Urban French Literature: The Case of Abd Al Malik}
  • Dualities in the Tales of Charles Perrault
  • BHP 150: Baccalaureate Honors Program: Great Ideas II